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Kyriè Sierra Davenport

Kyriè Sierra Davenport (born December 30, 1992) actor, artist, gamer, writer, and fun loving person. Known for being the creative person behind the independent film production company Aria Pictures, a key member of Byers Enterprises internal marketing team, and his missionary work for The Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints.

1 Early Years

Gerald was born at St. Mary's Long Beach Hospital (1050 Linden Avenue) in Long Beach, California to Eric Carl Davenport and Patricia Ann Brakensiek. His father worked as an assembly line coordinator setting up assembly lines for Tub Loc and their roll-over cages for the driver (what he remembers). His mother was a homemaker and did work for RR Donnelley in Illinois in the 70's.

Raised in Buena Park, California in the late 60's, his grandmother Cecilia Brakensiek took him to Knott's Berry Farm after school when it was still a farm. His grandfather Robert Brakensiek took him around the neighborhood on an early Harley Motocycle.

Growing up in Southern California he banged on boxes, pots, and pans in the front yard in Buena Park before he was given his first drum-kit. He had an imaginative childhood daydreaming, writing stories, and creating a world around his metal toy planes that the wings folded up and always pinched his fingers. He was the pampered and spolied grandchild until his sister Carla Christine Davenport came along. He visited his father's mother Edith Noyons and her second husband Ted Noyons in Long Beach at their deluxe apartment. They managed The Gondolier Apartments on 5525 East Pacific Coast Highway in Long Beach for many years (until the mid 80's).

At an early age he went by the name of Gerry to his friends, because his family called him Gerald, and when ever he heard that, he was always in trouble. So he separated his home life from his outside life. “Gerry with a G” — he would say to remind people that it is not with a J — Gerry Davenport.

The family moved to Scapoose, Oregon for a few years then moved to somewhere in Washington state — “I remember lots of water and visiting Olympia, and having Victoria Marie Davenport, another sister, join us.”

The family Moved back to Southern California for a short time before moving to Mattoon, Illinois. They lived at 2909 Prairie and he attended Lincoln Elementary school which was a large square brick building somewhere nearby. His dad was fond of Dr. Pepper and made Gerald carry an eight-pack of empty Dr. Pepper bottles into town to return them for the deposit and return with a full eight-pack while riding his bike.

On July 25, 1973 Kimberly Lynn Davenport was welcomed into the family and the house got smaller, but Gerald was able to still have his own room.

2 Education

3 Careers

4 Personal Life

Gerald and Tamara started dating in 1981 in their Sophomore year at Nevada Union. They were married on July 18, 1987 at Western Gateway Park in Penn Vally, California. Interesting fact: It snowed the day before and threatened the morning of their wedding day. Gerald has been a vegetarian since 1990, and the rest of the family followed in 1993. He was baptized in The Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints on October 22, 2014.

5 Filmography

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